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One of the most popular and cult Hot spot vending machines It was created in a new, refreshed installment. We present you Hot 777 Deluxe. The appearance of the Hot 777 series is known all over the globe. In various action movies in which the scenes take place in casinos, usually Hot 777 is a presented machine. Hot 777 Deluxe Online was created on the table of a real online slot specialist - Wazdan. The action takes place in the Wild West where we try to shoot the best arrangement of symbols as a gunslinger adventurous. We also collect cartridges that will be useful during hot spins.

You can play Hot 777 Deluxe without registration with us. You can play completely free, you don't have to download anything either. This is a very good preparation for playing for real money. Hot 777 Deluxe is available for real money at various online casinos. Remember to use only those that have the right license.

Technical details Hot 777 Deluxe

Hot 777 Deluxe game is a beautiful, refined in the smallest detail video for the company Wazdan. The game takes place on 3 drums at 5 winning lines. The minimum rate is 0.1 loan, a maximum of 100 loans. You will be able to play for a long time with an initial balance of 100,000 loans. Return rate for the player 96.45%, which is a little more than the average value of the RTP coefficient. Hot 777 Deluxe Game automatic is not equipped with a Wild symbol or a classic scatter. The fiery seven, which can start, is a special function free spins. As befits a Wazdan company, the game was equipped with a very well -made autographic mode. Many drum retention conditions can be indicated.

The game does not have a jackpot or a multiplayer mode. Bonus rounds were also deprived of. Hot 777 Deluxe automatic was created in HTML5 technology, thanks to which it is without any problems played correctly on various devices. The game starts in the browser, so it works under the control of every modern operating system. You don't have to download anything more.

How to play Hot 777 Deluxe?

one-armed bandit It refers to the Wild West with its entire atmosphere and motive. This can be seen at every step. The machine operation is classic for Wazdan games. All control buttons are at the bottom machine for free. On the central part of the screen there are 3 rotated drums and on the right the belt in which cartridges are collected for hot spins. In the background there are still balls from sticks known for westerns.

The arrangement of winning lines is presented in the rules of the game. There are only 5 of them so they are easy to remember. Generally, you should read the rules of the game very well. This is where all information about the machine was saved. The rules of the game are in question on the left. In the background there is a simple guitar melody that makes the game more pleasant. During the transition to Hot Spinów, the background of the game changes, the music accelerates and more shots can be heard from the cartridge belt corresponding to the next turn. The lower interface, despite the fact that it contains many buttons, is very well readable. The money bag is a current balance. There are 4 buttons below it. The letter "i" or payment table tailored to the current rate. Three horizontal lines include short settings, volume control and these rules of the game.

In the middle there are messages from the game and just below them the selection of the rate. We move the belt to the right and left with the and downside. The maximum value is always visible on the right. Three peppers determine the level of volatility. The higher the Volatility level, the higher the winners are, but they are less common. On the opposite side is low volatility, i.e. frequent but not high wins. A large button that looks like a gear with arrows turns the drums. Alternatively, you can use the space key. The last two smaller gears are choosing the pace of the game, 3 levels are available at speeds, and starting an automatic game. This deserves praise because it has many different detention conditions. You can stop after:

  • Any win,
  • During the start of Hot Spins,
  • If the win exceeds the value,
  • If the cash increases by the value indicated,
  • If the cash decreases by the value indicated,
  • After completing the selected amount of turnover.

Premie w Hot 777 Deluxe

Hot 777 Deluxe has a very interesting system called hot spins. Hot spins is a bit like free spins, but they are scored differently. Let's start in turn from the beginning. During the game, the player gets cartridges. Each cartridge is awarded for drawing one fiery seven. Collecting 10 bullets prepares a player to play Hot Spins. Each subsequent hot seven begins spins and stays on the board. One spin will use one pistol cartridge. The emerging fiery seven will remain on the board until the end of the spin. Finally, they will only score. The more they remain, the higher the prize will be. For a plant of 10 loans, winnings are as follows:

  • 3x hot 7 - 100 loans
  • 4x Hot 7 – 150
  • 5x Hot 7 – 200
  • 6x Hot 7 – 400
  • 7x Hot 7 – 800
  • 8x Hot 7 – 1,200
  • 9x Hot 7 – 2,000

During hot spins, other symbols do not matter and do not score. When preparing for hot spins, cartridges are collected for each plant separately, so with a frequent change in the plant's height it will be difficult to enter the hot spin mode. It is better to play on one factory.

An additional mini game that can bring great benefits is the so -called Gamble mode or risk game. Particularly worth in the switching game settings a dedicated risk game, where a nice lady holds two bags: in one there is a sheriff badge, in the other dynamite. Hitting the badge doubles, dynamite ends the game. You can play a maximum of 7 times, of course with all the correct indications of the badge. In the standard risk game and at a higher game speed, we indicate the right color of the revolver. The chances are also 50%. The table below presents wins in a classic game at the 10 loan plant.

Symbol Cover CC
Lemon, cherries 4
Pear, orange 8
Plum, grape, bell 8 80
Red seven 16 400
Golden Seven 32 1,000
Fiery seven 100 2,000

Hot 777 Deluxe - in our opinion

In our opinion, Hot 777 Deluxe is a unique game. It is worth playing at least a moment to enjoy the great atmosphere of the Wild West and beautiful animations corresponding to him. The bonus in the form of hot spins is something special. This game and scoring mode is not very popular, it can also be liked. Wazdan really stood up to the challenge and created a real masterpiece. There is no need to wonder. Play Hot 777 Deluxe today.