Hot 777

Play for free

Hot 777 Game from Wazdan is perfect Fruit game for lovers of classic slots. The manufacturer of this game is famous for its classic fruit, so you can be sure that you will face a great product.

We mentioned that Hot 777 is free for free. No wonder that fruit are the dominant symbols in this slot. However, the colorful world of symbols in Hot 777 does not end. You can get the biggest winnings after drawing happy seven, which are characterized by really high multipliers.

The most important positive feature of Hot 777 is certainly a large number of symbols guaranteeing many free spins. In addition, during free spins, each win is multiplied X3!

If after this short introduction you find that you want to play Hot 777 without registration, you got to the perfect place. On our website you have the opportunity to try this and many other slot games completely free and without unnecessary account registration procedure. It is not worth playing immediately in Hot 777 for real money, experience in gambling is best to gain for free and without stress!

The most important features of the Hot 777 slot

Hot 777 is a classic slot from the wazdan in which Gra Hot Spot It goes on 3 drums and 5 payments. We can bet on 0.02 coins minimally, while maximum player can turn the drums, betting on 20 coins on one line. Of course, after betting many players count on winning, in the case of Hot 777 RTP is 96.19%.

In addition to good RTP, the manufacturer has also prepared for us the Symol Symbols package and dozens of free spins! Unfortunately, apart from the possibility of using the automatic game option, the Wazdan does not have many amenities for us:

  • In Hot 777, for example, we do not have the opportunity to play a multiplayer with our friends.
  • There is no jackpot, a symbol of Wild or bonus rounds for us.

However, there is an incredible , which is a great mobile version adapted to Android or iOS devices.

Hot 777 rules

We told a lot about the purely technical aspects of this game. It is high time to go to what catches the human eye. Of course, it's about interface and graphics. Graphics in Hot 777 As befits a classic slot, it is not particularly effective. Lovers of flashes and lasers will definitely be disappointed. The game is completely kept in the convention of a classic slot. This does not mean, of course, that it is underdeveloped. The symbols on the drums are really clear and when the winning combination is drawn well.

The interface itself is a real masterpiece performed by the Wazdan. He is very simple and even the greatest amateur will be able to find himself in it after a short while.

At the very bottom of the game screen we have a panel that is used to control the game. On the right side of this panel we have a symbol of the animal, which when clicking changes the speed of the game. Immediately next to us we see our last win over the inscription "Win" and our balance above the inscription "Balance".

The largest button in the middle of this panel, of course, is responsible for starting the draw. "Max Bet" on its right allows us to bet on the maximum rate, while the triangle rotated to the right on the left gives us the opportunity to play automatic gameplay.

On the left side of the panel we see the height of our plant above the inscription "Cash Bet", the value of the coins we bet on one line above the inscription "Coin Value" and the number of payments above the inscription "Lines".

What should interest you the most is in the lower left corner. This is where you will find the symbol "?" and "i" that will lead you to information and table payments. It is very important to always go straight to information tabs before the draw in the new slot. Thanks to this, nothing will be able to surprise you during the game.

Let's take a closer look at the Payment Table in the Hot 777 Game Authority. We are dealing with the following multiplier:

  • 3 fiery seven = multiplier 20
  • 3 golden seven = multiplier 10
  • 3 red seven = multiplier 4
  • 3 plums, grapes or bells = multiplier 0.8
  • 3 pears or oranges = multiplier 0.08
  • 3 cherries or lemons = multiplier 0.04.

Promotions in Hot 777

In the Hot 777 machine we will meet with really many bonus symbols. Golden and burning seven are symbols Scatter, which guarantee 30 and 45 free spins. In addition, collecting 9 AUD coins within several dozen draws results in a winner of 15 free spins. So we have as many as 3 symbols that reward us with free spins.

We left the biggest of free spins at the end. During these bonus draws, all wins are multiplied X3! So if during a regular draw your win was to be 30 loans, then during free turnover your winning line can give you as many as 90 loans!

Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, there is no Wild symbol in Hot 777 online. However, looking at the number of scratter symbols and free spin, certainly lack of wild is not a big downside of this game in online casinos.