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Hot Triple Sevens slot online

If complex games or machines focusing too much on the plot or heavy to understand the rules and bonuses are not for you, be sure to check the hot triple sevens automatic. Released in 2019, the slot offers above all a simple, but extremely addictive gameplay, which will provide a lot during long, but also short sessions - you will not have to worry that you are giving up the game during the complicated bonus round, which you have reached for the last hour.

The whole game strongly imitates a classic, physical machine, which for many will undoubtedly be a big . In addition, the work of Evoplay offers fun that will appeal to beginner players, as well as even more experienced, and this is due to clear rules, simple to get bonuses and a great graphic design. If you are looking for just such a machine, then in the Hot Triple Sevens without registration you will play on our website - you do not need an account or any deposit - you can play completely free and without any Vulkan Bet casino!

Hot Triple Sevens characteristics

Despite what was mentioned in the introduction, Hot Triple Sevens Online is a game that stands out from others, not only due to your visual setting. First of all, it is a video machine based on proven and popular symbols with colorful "7". It has 3 drums, on which 5 winning lines are dispersed.

In the game, in addition to the aforementioned symbols with the number, there is also an icon marked as free spins - getting the required amount rewards us with free spin. The machine also has the autograph function, so if at some point we find that we prefer to just look at the moving drums, and not set them in motion, we can quickly set the automatic gameplay to the number of games we choose.

The hot triple sevens game machine Thanks to this, we don't have to worry about great losses on our loans during games. The slot enables gameplay for 0.10 loans, which makes it easier to build fun measures at the very beginning. When we feel confident, we can opt for a maximum plant - this one on the machine costs 500 loans. In the case of winning, the funds are multiplied in accordance with the payment table (which we introduce in the rest of the text).

You can also play on your phone, because the slot automatically scores to the display on which it is played. The gameplay on a cell or tablet will be just as pleasant, and for some probably even better - because you can play public transport or lying comfortably in bed. Regardless of where we decide to play, it is worth having headphones on hand - the music in the game is great and completes the atmosphere of the game!

The gameplay and its rules in Hot Triple Sevens

Are you already aware of what this slot looks like, but how exactly is the gameplay? Before starting the game, be sure to read the slot regulations - you will find it at the bottom of the display, on its left, hidden under the "i" button. It will explain to you the exact action machine for free, it will bring possible winnings, as well as winning lines. In addition, you will check the exact meaning of bonus symbols or learn the operation of all other buttons on the machine. Once you are reading the rules, you can go to Hot spot games.

And in Hot Triple Sevens is really easy. You start the whole process by choosing the rate - as we have already mentioned, it is worth starting with a low plant and gradually choose increasing rates. Once you choose the amount of loans you want to put, you put the drums in a round button in the middle of the display. If you are impatient and want to see your win quickly, you can accelerate the animation by pressing the button with two arrows - you will find it on the right, next to the game control button.

At the time of winning the loans you earn at the top of the screen. The slot also has clearly marked lines winning on the display, so you can always make sure why your symbols have won or lost. You can also find lines in the instructions if their method of marking during the game is illegible to you. Remember - only 3 symbol combinations win on this slot.

And when you get bored with pressing the machine starting button, hold it longer - it will open a window in which you can choose the number of autogiers - their maximum amount is 100, and if you need more accurate settings, for example, those that turn off automatic gameplay after a certain amount of winnings or losers, you will find them after entering the Settings section - it is located under the icon symbolizing the gear.

Bonuses, bonuses and free spins in Hot Triple Sevens

We have already mentioned a little about free revolutions, but it is worth adding some information about them. First of all, their symbol is presented as an oval with an inscription Free Spins - He will definitely stand out from the other symbols. To activate the bonus game, you need to get 3 such in one turn. By collecting this bonus, you will receive 10 free spins, which everyone will be worth as much as the bet winning bonus games. In addition, each win during these spins is multiplied by 3, so you will get a good chance to get many additional loans.

In addition, by winning 3 SCATTER symbols, you get a win about your rate multiplied by 7, so even if all 10 games are unsuccessful, winning 3 scatter symbols, you can count on a certain loan injection. Remember, however, that these symbols only count when they are on the winning lines, and not between them.

W game 777 There is also a Wild symbol - here appearing as 3 connected sevens with the note Hot. This symbol will replace any other in the winning combination (except for free spin). Hot Triple Sevens also has symbols 7 in flames - these replace ordinary symbols in the corresponding color (red, flaming 7 cannot replace blue 7 in a winning combination). Playing in Hot Triple Sevens for free and for real rates, we can count on the following wins (at the plant for 10 loans):

Symbol 7 CC
777 (Wild) 5,000
Fiery red 500
Fiery blue 250
Fiery white 150
Red 60
Blue 50
White 30
Combination of 3 ordinary, different 10

Hot Triple Sevens - it's worth playing?

In our opinion? Of course! In addition to really good graphic design and the climate, which flows from the machine, it attracts primarily with its gameplay. The rules and its course are not complex, so anyone can play in Hot Triple Sevens. By playing this game, you can even get 50 free spins in Vulkan Bet Casino. The machine will also appeal to experienced players, and this is due to classic symbols and a chance for a lot of winnings. Therefore, regardless of whether you are interested in playing Hot Triple Sevens for real money, or just want to test your skills by playing a demo version, we encourage you to check this machine. We are sure that he will draw you for long hours, and we wish ourselves good luck and abundant winnings!