Magic Hot

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Also this time the wazdan surprises us fruit game freshness. Magic Hot Game Automat is a fruit straight from the manufacturer, which is famous for its production on this subject.

As it is not difficult to guess, the main symbols are fruits, while the best paid symbol is the happy seven.

Returning to the manufacturer, Wazdan is a company with really many games on your account. So you don't have to be afraid that you will face an underdeveloped product.

You definitely want to find out about it for yourself. There is no problem with this because you can play Magic Hot without registration on our website! By playing Magic Hot without logging in, you will gain a valuable experience that can be useful to you in the next stage of your gambling adventure. Why should you play Magic Hot for real money right away, since you can do it for free?

The most important information about Magic Hot

Magic Hot Online is a classic slot and Gra Hot Spotin which the symbols are drawn on 3 rows, 3 drums and 5 winning lines. The minimum rate in Magic Hot is 2 loans, and the maximum is 2000 loans. RTP is relatively high for a fruit because it is 96.35%.

Unfortunately, in Magic Hot Automat we will not see symbols such as Scatter or Wild. A great convenience is the ability to play automatic gameplay and play on mobile devices. At Magic Hot Game, we don't have the opportunity to play with friends in multiplayer mode.

Magic hot rules

Minimalism dominates for free in Magic Hot. Both in the context of graphics and interface. Graphically, this game simply sends a clear signal that it refers to classic slots from the old days. There are no special effects and flashes here, the only thing we can expect is a clear selection of the winning line.

The interface is transparent and clear. At the very bottom of the game screen is the main panel with which we control the game. In the middle of this panel we have the starting button on the right, we see our balance above the inscription "Balance". On the left in the "Coin Value" field, we determine the height of our plant.

There are 2 buttons in the lower left corner, "?" and and". They lead to the payment table and information about the game. Remember to always study the rules in the game.

It is high time to go to the payout table. Let's see how much we can win after betting on the minimum plant:

  • 3 happy seven = 2,000 loans.
  • 3 stars = 1000 loans.
  • 3 watermelons = 400 loans.
  • 3 bells or pears = 200 loans.
  • 3 plums, raspberries, strawberries or cherries = 60 loans.

Remember that on our website you can play Magic Hot without a deposit, completely free!

Magic hot bonuses

Unfortunately, the only form of the Magic Hot Demo bonus is the Gamble option, which allows you to significantly increase our win.

This option is available only after drawing the winning line. We can start it by clicking the "X2" symbol appearing above the drawing button. After starting Gamble, we need to choose a red or black card. If the card of the color we choose in the draw, then our award from the winning line is doubled.

When using Gamble, we can draw cards 7 times. This means that we can double our winnings up to 7 times. Starting from 80 loans, after 2 successful draws, we win as many as 320 loans!