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African atmosphere undoubtedly impress us all - wild animals, beautiful landscapes, emotions related to being among nature. Detailed the latter - emotions - we will also feel on a virtual safari, which we can go to from Majestic King Slot. This production will not only allow us to face elephants or the king of the jungle, but also will provide us with high wins and many additional options. The Spinomenal developer has impressed us with his complex productions more than once and it is no different in the case of this game. A number of additional functions, as well as the ability to buy a bonus or obtaining free spins - There are a lot of options and all of them make the gameplay diametrically different each time. About the quality of this hotspot games You can see for yourself using the demo mode. What's more, you don't even have to look for it on the internet - Majestic King without registration and is completely free on our website. The free version will not allow you to get real cash, but it will allow you to test all functions and provide you with proper training before playing seriously in the casino!

Construction of the Majestic King machine

Let's start from scratch, which is worth knowing before starting playing on the slot. First of all - what characterizes Majestic King online? It is a machine made of 5 drums and 3 lines, which is quite a standard construction for gambling. The game does not have the functions of additional drums, so the machine will not change its construction during the game. The number of winning lines will not change - these game has as many as 25, which gives a good chance of winning. To this, the RTP production, which is 95.16%, must also be added. Why is a , since it is slightly below the average average on machines? You need to take into account a number of bonuses, such as stacking symbols of Wild, Scatter or bonus game. All this means that even despite the lower RTP we will win here often and a lot! Majestic King Game is also the freedom of the plant - we have quite a lot of gameplay amounts to choose from, and the cheapest game will cost only 0.25 loans. However, if you care about maximum high winnings, you should put a higher bet - you will put 250 loans on one game. The game also allows you to launch automatic mode, which, however, does not offer any additional options. For this, the game also has the ability to start the rapid rotation of the drums. You will also play in portable devices in the spinomenal production - to Games on the phone Is your internet browser enough for you!

What are the rules of the Majestic King slot?

Of course, we will not cite the entire production rules here - you can get acquainted with these yourself in the game menu. All you have to do is press the "?" Button, placed in the lower left corner of the screen. From the instructions you will read, among others, how the bonus game is, what amounts are assigned to individual symbols, or what the function of double symbols is. It is worth getting acquainted with this information before starting the game. When you finish reading, you can start the game. We recommend making sure you play for the right amount, especially when you choose Majestic King for real money. You will change it with the + and -buttons, and you will see the final plant in the Total Bet section. After selecting the rate, press the red button in the middle of the display - it will run the game. Next to this button there is also an autogy function, and on the other side - Buy Feature, which will allow you to buy free spins. Is it worth using it? If you feel that happiness is favorable for you, it can be a great way to quickly gain additional cash on the machine.

What bonuses does Majestic King have?

Probably everyone was waiting for this section - bonuses and special functions Majestic King Automat! We have quite a lot to describe, so we will not extend - the first bonus is the already mentioned symbol Wild. It occurs in two forms - classic and also stacking. In both cases, he is able to replace any, ordinary symbol and provide us with additional winnings. The stacking symbol, however, can take a place all over the drum. Another bonus is the Free Spins symbol - getting at least 3 such symbols wherever on the machine rewards the player from 10 Frey with backs up to 40 free turnover. We can also buy these, as we have already written about. free gambling game He will also choose a random symbol that will always be double. What does it mean?

The double symbol always counts ... double. For example, winning two double symbols will pay a prize assigned to a combination of 4 symbols. However, this is not the last bonus associated with this. During the game, randomly, we can receive a special function that replaces all symbols into double. Wins in this case will be huge! The last of the special functions is a bonus game. It involves collecting special symbols and recharging the meter that acts as a multiplier. It is also worth mentioning the winnings on the machine - below we present the table of payments for the basic combinations (without double symbols) and for the plant in the amount of 1 loan.

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Elephant 20 32 50
Sępy 18 28 40
Giraffe 16 24 35
Zebra 14 20 30
A 12 18 22
K, Q 8 15 20
J, 10 5 10 15

Where will I play in Majestic King?

Interested in playing money in Majestic King, a game machine? Go to GGBET casinos - You will find there not only this machine, but also many other games that you will certainly like. This place is fully legal and has all the necessary permits - so you can play there without fear of your safety. For this casino has various payment options - it is also well adapted for players from our country. That is why we encourage you to play right there!

Majestic King - our opinion

It's time for a small summary. Is the gameplay on this machine worth your time and money? Without a doubt! The game is extremely well prepared and offers great additional functions that will make you simply can't be bored with this machine. However, if you are still not sure what the game is, test Majestic King for free on our website today!


Where will I play in Majestic King for free?

You can play the game demo version on our website - you won't even need an account on the site!

What additional functions does Majestic King Automat have?

The game allows you to get free spins, it also has a Wild symbol. In addition, it allows you to get a bonus game or win large amounts thanks to double symbols!

How to play for money in Majestic King Slot?

To play for real rates, go to the online casino. Choose the one we described in the text - you will be sure that you are playing in a legal place.

Will I play the Majestic King machine for playing on a portable device?

By all means - a web browser is enough for playing on your phone, because you don't have to download the game!