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Fans of slot games have a lot of favorite titles from various categories. But what about games that are not so easily classified? Such an example is, for example, the Reactonz game machine. This is a slot machine with a lot of unusual solutions. Due to the typical features, it can be considered a fruit game, but without fruit and with more drums. Could be considered as Hot spot game Due to dynamic entertainment, were it not for the fact that Hot Spot games have only 5 drums. Impressive graphic design is an argument behind the video slot, but the Reactonz automat has no specific topics or the theme. Nevertheless, it's a great game that we will present to you today!

Of course, nothing prevents you from getting to know this game on your own. We offer you unlimited access to Reactoonz without registration and without having to pay money. This is a special demo version that you can play without any additional treatments. We don't expect anything from you, we just provide you with unlimited fun, which is playing in Reactonz for free. Visit the site of this game and see for yourself how good this position is!

The most important information about Reactoonz

Discussion Fruit games Reactonz Online We have to start with the fact that it is a game of an unusual arrangement. Play’n GO describes it as "grid slot". The game window holds up to 49 symbols, as the game has 7 drums and as many as seven rows of symbols. Each arrangement of at least five symbols in with each other is treated as a win, regardless of where the game windows are located.

In addition, in Reactonz for real money we will find a number of interesting solutions. These include:

  • Wildy standard and special in size 2 × 2 and 3 × 3,
  • Special function called quantum,
  • Avalanche mode (disappearing symbols are replaced by falling from above),
  • No winning line, as many as four symbols of a special importance,
  • Free re-spins and other functions.

There is no multi -person mode or jackpot in this game, but we have a full, 100 % compatibility with any type of mobile devices, as well as an automatic game mode. A valuable clue about the potential of this game is the RTP factor equal to 96%. In combination with the average variability and a maximum win of 91,406 it means really interesting and noteworthy Bandit Single Slot Machine!

How to play in Reactoonz?

As befits a product of Play’n Go, Reactonon's game is characterized by really great graphics. It is kept in a cartoon style and contains images of funny aliens and various bizarre devices. Everything is animated and really puts the player in a good mood from the first moments. The whole game is made extremely carefully and even invites you to shoot with drums, promising a lot of emotions.

However, if you feel a bit confused by the level of complexity of Reactonon, then you don't have to worry about anything. A large, yellow button with the letter "i" is available on the control panel. If you click it, you will see a special window containing a small cheat sheet with a description of the most important functions of the game, the meaning of special symbols and everything that can happen on drums during the game. This is a very useful function, especially for beginner players. It is always worth using it, not only in the case of Reactoonz, but every game we sit to for the first time!

What can we find on the drums in Reactoonz?

Playing in Reactoonz is associated with numerous attractions. And it must be admitted that the game producer, Play’n GO, made them a lot on the drums. Here's what we can deal with during the game:

  • Each failure to spin is associated with the chance to activate the Gargantoon function involving random arrangement in a window of 4 to 8 Wilds.
  • If the Quantum function reaches Gargantoon, a special 3 × 3 wild will appear on the drums, which will replace all other symbols.
  • Four identical symbols forming a 2 × 2 square automatically turn into a Giantoonz object. If he enters the winning system of symbols, the win assigned to it will be doubled.
  • During each spin, one of the symbols will be treated as a floating (surrounded by a colorful border). If a winning system is created using it, after removing all the symbols included in it, two Wildy will appear in the free places.

If the player fill the entire Quantum indicator with one color, then depending on this color, one of four special functions will be activated.

Implosion The orange color is responsible for it. This function is converted from three to six symbols to Wilda and removing other symbols adjacent to them.
Incision This function is activated in blue. It creates Wilda in the middle of the game window and then fills two diagonals with the same symbol, randomly chosen.
Demolise This, in turn, is red. Activation of this function causes the removal of all symbols from the window with one eye and filling free places with new symbols.
Change Here, however, we have green. This feature is a randomly selected symbol with one eye for another symbol, also selected randomly.

Let's see now what wines the Reactoonz game offers us assuming playing at the maximum rate.

Symbol 5 symbol 6 symbol 7 symbol 8 symbol 9 symbol 10-11 symbol 12-14 symbol Over 15 symbols
Purple with 2 eyes 100 200 300 500 800 2 000 5 000 75 000
Green with 2 eyes 80 100 200 300 400 1 000 2 500 30 000
Orange with 2 eyes 60 80 100 200 300 500 1 000 15 000
Blue with 2 eyes 50 70 100 150 200 300 500 7 500
Purple with 1 eye 15 20 40 60 80 100 300 1 000
Orange with 1 eye 15 20 40 60 80 100 300 1 000
Green with 1 eye 10 15 20 30 60 80 100 300
Yellow with 1 eye 10 15 20 30 60 80 100 300

Reactonz - something at the end

If you haven't played in Reactoonz yet, we strongly encourage you to try - this game will definitely draw you for hours. It is simply excellent, very attractive and provides a great experience during the game. In addition, something is constantly happening on the drums, the winnings are falling, the symbols disappear and new ones appear in their place, Wildy introduce a lot of confusion every now and then - in a word it is a great position for those who like, how a lot is happening on the screen during the game!