Red Hot Fruits

Play for free

Red Hot Fruits automatic straight from Greentube, fruit with many surprises. The classic appearance and only a few animations make the game not too invasive for the eye.

Red Hot Fruits Game automatic has something that will definitely attract beginner slot players. Simplicity is this something. There are no elements that occur in Video fruit slots, lack of bonus game, no fancy symbols and strange combinations. Everything consists of one, classic whole.

You will play Red Hot Fruits without registration. That's right, Red Hot Fruits is waiting for you without logging in and is within your fingertips. Thanks to this, you can gain experience that can be helpful while playing Red Hot Fruits for real money. Do not risk losing your funds in unknown waters. Try the free game today!

Features of the game machine

  • Software supplier: Greentube
  • Slot type: classic
  • Number of lines: 20
  • Number of drums: 5
  • Minimum plant: 1
  • Maximum plant: 100
  • Percentage of RTP refund: 95.66%
  • Wild symbol: never
  • Scatter Symbol: No
  • Automatic playback: yes
  • Bonus rounds: no
  • Free spins: no
  • Multiplayer mode: no
  • Jackpot: no
  • Mobile version: Yes

Rules for the Red Hot Fruits slot machine

You probably wonder what Red Hot Fruits without a deposit can attract a new player. A factor attracting players is certainly not a graphics that is really classic. It is true that the symbols are animated when drawing them on the winning line, but we cannot count on it during ordinary and lost draws. The background of this game is not animated in any way. The only of this graphic design is the clear backlight of the winning lines and the burning symbols that make up it.

The extraordinary of Red Hot Fruits Demo is certainly navigation, which is simple and clear.

On the left we have the Autoplay button, which starts automatic Hot spot game. Right next to the Paytable button that leads us to the payout table.

In the middle of the panel we have the ability to increase or decrease the height of our plant. Interestingly, right next to it are buttons that give us the opportunity to adjust the number of winning lines, this is not often found and it is definitely a of this game.

On the right there is a button responsible for starting the game. The Gamble button is used to start a mini game after drawing at least one winning line. During the mini game, we choose the color of the card, which is drawn for us. If the drawn color of the card is consistent with the one we chose, then we double our win!

Time to go to what is most important. Of course, it's about potential wins for drawn symbols. Let's see how much we can win by playing the smallest bet:

  • 5 seven = 5000
  • 5 watermelon = 750
  • 5 grapes = 500
  • 5 plum = 250
  • 5 orange = 200
  • 5 lemon = 150
  • 5 cherries = 100
  • Acquiring 5 symbols of Scatter, or stars = 2000

Try Red Hot Fruits for free and try to draw 5 colorful symbols!

Bonuses for playing in Red Hot Fruits

Unfortunately, we cannot count on the enormity of bonuses in Red Hot Fruits online. The manufacturer gives us a symbol Scatter, which admittedly helps collecting additional points, but is not a real bonus. We have no symbol of Wild or free spins. The RTP itself is also not at a really high level.

A big is the elongating victorious lines, which adds at least a little sweetener of this game. The bitterness of the lack of substantial bonuses in a real game may, however, be too big for some.

Ultimately, it is the dear player to you to decide whether you will give this fruit a chance. For sure, if you are a freshly baked player, it is worth playing a few draws for free. Who knows, maybe Red Hot Fruits will drag you for hours into the vortex of the game?