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Roman Legion slot online

Gamomat studio in 2014 was created by Roman Legion arcade game, and this one undoubtedly pleases many players around the world today. As the name of the machine shows, the motif rotates in the times of imperial Rome, which will certainly appeal to lovers of history and more. Gra hot spot online It is adapted for users at every level of advancement, and provides exceptional gameplay!

To play Roman Legion without registration and completely free, please visit our website, where you will find Roman Legion and many others. With us, you can thoroughly get acquainted with the game and its rules, to later test your happiness in the game Roman Legion for real money at the online casino.

Basic features Roman Legion

Roman Legion gra to fruit slot About 5 drums, with 3 symbols on each and 5 permanent winning lines. The minimum plant on the machine is 250, and the maximum up to 50,000 coins for a one -time spin. Studio Gamomat has equipped the game with very useful symbols for the player, which is the symbol of Wild (soldier), which replaces all other symbols, except for the second important symbol, which is Scatter (rider on a horse), activating additional spins.

If you are lucky, 3 SCATTER symbols run 10 free games with the same plant as the one when drawing three scatter. During free spins, it is not possible to win more, and the symbols of soldiers remain stuck to their positions. Roman Legion also has two gamble functions, which will be mentioned later. In addition, you can use the autoplay and turbo function, which is used using a double space or play.

RTP Roman Legion is a standard 96.16%for insertion machines. This means that 96.16 coins return to the player on average for every 100 pawned coins. On the Roman Legion online machine you can also play on your phone or tablet. Thanks to HTML5 technology, the game adapts to each device, so no matter where you are, you always have a chance to play Roman Legion and check your happiness.

How to play Roman Legion?

Roman Legion Slot has a very transparent interface, which undoubtedly helps in using this machine. On the bottom bar under the drums you will find successively from the left, menu with the game instructions and the basic rules that every player should look at, and in it under the "i" button even more detailed instructions. Next, there is information regarding the number of winning lines, which is unchanged (the line of the line is at the very bottom in the menu).

On the right of this information, there is a rate height, and "+" and "-" regulates its height. This rate is a single amount assumed to be one line. You can find information about the total assumed amount right next to it. On the other side of the screen, a large green flashing button with arrows is a plain Play button activating one spin (it is also possible to start spinnings with a space).

On the left of Play you will find autoplay (auto) functions, which will run the spins until the funds are exhausted, or stopping it again by clicking on the same place. Further on the left you will find the options of the maximum plant and information about the other funds on your account. The gear in the upper left corner of the screen are settings where you can activate functions such as:

  • turbo mode,
  • Automatic startup free spins,
  • Possibility to start spinnings with a keyboard space.

On the Roman Legion machine, you should stick to such rules as with other standard slots where winning depends largely on the player's happiness. It is worth starting with setting small rates, and using additional functions and bonuses offered by the game or online casino.

The game graphics are not extremely complicated, but it is undoubtedly refined and transparent. Background colors are calm warm browns, while the symbols are already distinguished by a wide range of vivid colors. The animations of spins and winnings are also satisfactory. As for the musical setting of Roman Legion, the gamomat did not tempt any soundtrack, and the sounds of spin and winnings are standard and recognizable as with most of this type of vending machines. The whole is not exaggerated and allows for long and pleasant game hours.

Bonusy Roman Legion

In addition to the additional features of replacing other characters or free spins, the symbols of Wild and Scatter carry, in Roman Legion Demo you will also find a gamble function. You have two ways to increase the wins on the machine. The first option is a well -known gamble function with cards, where to double the sums of the coins won, all you have to do is guess the color of the card appearing on the screen. These are 50/50 chances, which is a very profitable risk for calculating the winning times two or more.

It is worth remembering, however, that when choosing the wrong color, your win with a fawn is zeroing. If you want to reduce the risk, you can select the option to set up a half amount. In addition, Roman Legion offers a mini game in the form of a ladder, which allows for much greater profits, because up to 15,000 coins, but also higher potential losses. In both mini games, it is possible to interrupt and take what has already won.

There are 6 standard symbols of letters and numbers in Roman Legion online, and an additional 5 symbols typically characteristic of the Roman game motif. Below is a payment table at the lowest rate of 250 coins (50 coins per one winning line):

Symbol Cover CC kch Dirt
Soldier (Wild) 500 5,000 37,500 125,000
Banner 250 2,500 25,000 50,000
Golden Bird, coins 250 1,250 7,500 37,500
K, A 250 2,000 7,500
Q, J, 9, 10 250 1,250 5,000

Roman Legion - our opinion

This machine is an option worth devoting a moment of free time not only for fans of history and the climate of imperial Rome, also for those who expect something more than a standard casino motif from the machine. The game is very bright and intuitive, with a lot of possibilities to increase winning amounts in the form of mini gamble games or free spins.

Despite a few good years that this machine already has, and today it is extremely popular and valued. These years in no way translate into the quality of the game or the player's feelings about her graphics. We undoubtedly recommend the machine and encourage you to play on our website in Roman Legion for free and without unnecessary registration. We wish you a high level won!