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Sevens - free game machine

Seven is probably the most popular symbol used by Hot spot games machines. This is a happy number that in this case is to ensure high winnings. On this machine, this situation works especially because Sevens Game Automat allows you to get an extremely high reward when hitting the title seven and progressive jackpot.

The production of Be Belaratra Games is a classic gaming machine, in which fast gameplay and frequent winnings are important. It is worth noting that Sevens without registration, which is available on our website. It's a great way to get to know all the machine options. Thanks to this, you can easily go to Sevens for real money, to get more high wins without unnecessary mistakes.

Sevens slot functions

Sevens automatically 777 It was produced by the less known company Belaratra Games. This is a typical, classic hot spot with seven in the lead role, with the possibility of winning Jackpot. The machine has 3 drums, on which 3 symbols are displayed. All winning lines are 5 (3 horizontal and 2 oblique). The player cannot decide on the number of active lines. Therefore, the plant is always multiplied by the 5th minimum assumption for one line is 2, and the largest - 100. RTP of the machine has been set at a decent level of 94%.

There is no special symbol in the game. Therefore, it is vain to look for Wild and Scatter in it, who launches the round with free spins. Instead, you can count on a progressive jackpot, from which the reward is always huge and grows with the time of gameplay.

If someone prefers fun in mobile mode, then there is no problem, because Sevens game has been matched to the game on various devices. Just run the web browser and the slot will adapt to the screen size.

Gameplay on the Sevens machine

Despite the fact that gambling It was released in 2015, graphically looks average. The background is simply red, and the symbols are very simple graphics that might as well be placed in the game from two decades ago. In the bottom of the screen there is a pleasantly completed interface that allows you to control the gameplay and set the height of the plant. On the right there is a "Start" button, which launches the draw on the drums.

On the opposite side lies a pink icon with 3 lines, which goes to the machine option. To go to the winning table, in the tab with settings, click the "i" icon, which is on the right side of the screen. Paytable is a place where every user should read, planning to start the game for real money.

There are 8 different symbols in the game, which, when hitting a combination with a plant of 2, pay:

  • Cherries – 10,
  • Plum, bell, raspberry, bar – 80,
  • Oranges – 120,
  • Seven – 400,
  • Three seven – 1500.

After hitting the winning combination, you can increase the prize by betting on an additional bet "Risk Game”.

Special functions of the Sevens machine

Sevens Game automatic has no special functions. This is a very simple machine, in which the winning lines are above all. The only addition is Jackpot, which pays a huge win, which is constantly growing while playing. When the belt in the upper left corner fills up, the fortune with prizes starts. With a bit of happiness you can receive the main prize.

In addition, you can start an additional plant with each win, which consists in drawing a higher card than discovered. If it succeeds, the user doubles his win. Otherwise, the money is lost.

Sevens for free - summary

Sevens Online is an interesting position that shows what machines once looked like and proves that sometimes it is worth reaching for simpler slots. Learning the game takes a few moment and can be conducted using the Sevens version for free. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with all the details about this game machine to develop the appropriate strategy. In this way, moving to a real casino and starting fun seriously will not be a problem. Join the fans of seven, or maybe this time you will be able to get progressive jackpot?