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Seventy Seven - free game machine

Seventy Seven Game Automat is the latest production of SWINTT studio. The name suggests that we are dealing here with a classic 777 slot, and it is actually so, but only to some extent. The Seventa Seven Online automatic is a more modern adaptation of classic machines than a retro -style game. On the one hand, the SWINTT manufacturer provided us with Seventy Seven a full package of standard options and symbols gier Hot Spot: "Seven", symbols of Wild, gamble option with a guessing card, etc. At the same time, however, the machine has a modern graphic design, and its design is much more advanced than in the case of "seven" vending machines from many years ago.

You can play seventy seven slot without registration. What is required for this? It is enough for the player to use the demo version of the SWINTT machine on our website. We play for free, without registering, without providing personal data and without risk. After testing Seventy Seven in the demo version, we will be able to assess whether we like this slot. Free game is also a fantastic form of preparing before playing with real money in e-cassinus.

Technical specification of the seventy seven machine

Seventy Seven from Swintt is a more complex slot than it may seem. So we must be prepared for the fact that the game will be more complicated here than in classic 777 machines.

Let's start from scratch. At the seventy seven slot, the game will take place on a board measuring 3 rows and 5 drums. For this we get the number of 10 permanent winning lines. The RTP offered by Seventy Seven Automat Online is 96.71%. The slot provides very wide range of plants. The lowest turnout for turning is 5 coins. A maximum player can bet as much as 10,000 tokens on spin. Seventy Seven offers a rather standard spectrum of bonus options. The most original of them is full table. In addition, we also have scatters and the function of the plant.

The slot works in HTML5. Seventy Seven for free and from the version for real money can therefore also be launched through browsers of mobile devices. The Autoplay option is also available, but the range of options within it is quite limited: we can only specify the number of automatic slots. The variability of the Seventa Seven machine should be determined as average/high. There will be longer cycles during free spins No hits of the winning combination. The probability of hitting the Full Table bonus is very low: on average once at approx. 300 turns.

How to play Sevent Seven?

Seventy Seven is a new machine, but with their mechanics referring to the classic "seven". This also applies to the interface, which is transparent and easy to navigate in this production. Graphic design A bandit of Jędorękie Of course, it does not knock you down, but nothing else can be expected from a machine that is an adaptation of casino machine -type 777. Access to information when it comes to the machine's rules and the withdrawal table is extremely easy. All you have to do is choose the menu icon in the lower left corner of the game screen (icon of three horizontal stripes). Then we choose Game Rules, and then:

  • Game Rules - Game (General Slot Rules),
  • Game Rules - General (detailed principles of the machine).

The payment table is of course a section called Paytable. In the Options section, we can configure the rules of gamble function, specify the number of automatic turns and adjust the volume of the machine. In the main screen at the bottom we can see two basic sections:

  • Bet (plant amount),
  • Coins (the amount of our funds in the game).

The height of the plant can be changed through the Plus and minus buttons located on both sides of the BET section. The Auto Spin button is designed to quickly turn on the automatic game. Two green arrows on the right are a button that sets the slot drums in motion. If Spin ends with a hit of the award -winning combination of symbols, the optional Gamble section will appear on the board in the form of a green field depicting card symbols. If we click this button, we will enter the plant, where we can multiply the winning win.

Bonuses and table payments at Seventy Seven

Online SEVENS SEVEN SLOT for real money offers several variants to the player when it comes to bonus options. The first and definitely the easiest bonus is the opportunity to use the gamble option. When Spin ends with our win, we can enter the plant. We then move to a separate game screen. We have two options to choose from.

  1. The first is to guess the color of the card that is covered. If we succeed, our win will be multiplied by two times. After that, we can either try happiness again or withdraw and keep the amount obtained.
  2. The second option is more risky. We do not guess the color of the covered card, but its symbol (Trefl, Pik, Kiera or Karo). Any hit means a multiplier of winning at level 4. Each missed round in the plant ends with the loss of the entire sum of winning in the turn.

The second bonus on the Sevent Seven Slova is full table. This is a special, higher win, which we get when we manage to fill at least ⅔ board with the same symbol. The more the symbol is, the higher the win will also be. The biggest win in the seventy seven slot will be filled with the board with the symbol of the golden seven.

Importantly, Full Table cannot apply to scatters, i.e. we cannot fill the boards with scatters. Sam Scatter himself is in Seventy Seven simply one of the above solvent symbols. It does not generate any special round, but unlike the other symbols, Scatters pay regardless of the reward lines.

Symbol Win amount (plant for 100 tokens and 3 symbol hits)
Peaches, cherries 100
Lemons, oranges 150
Gold bars, rings 300
Golden seven 500

Seventy Seven - our conclusion about the game

Seventy Seven from the Swintt studio is a successful slot, but this title cannot be called a revelation. We are simply dealing with a fairly interesting adaptation of classic 777 machines. The pros of this game are certainly high amounts of maximum prizes and full compatibility with mobile devices. In turn, you should save a rather limited number of special options, as well as a fairly high variability of the slot, which can put both the player's patience and his wallet.