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Starburst slot online

StarBurst Hot spot game machine Today is one of the most sought after productions in most internet casinos. The slot was released in 2013 and still fights effectively with the latest productions from other companies. Netent is famous for the fact that their productions are refined in every respect and even a seemingly simple game machine as Starburst can attract crowds of players for many hours.

The machine looks standard. Slots topics are precious stones for drawing which the machine rewards the user with high wins. If someone wants to test Starburst without registration, they should take advantage of our website's offer. You can start the machine on it and play in any way using a fictitious currency.

Starburst slot functions

The software supplier is Netent, which is at the forefront of the largest game manufacturers in the world. Starburst game machine is a typical video slot, which at first glance does not present anything innovative. It has 5 drums and 3 rows with symbols on which you can form up to 10 different winning lines. The game has very simple additional functions, which, after all, constitute the heart of the game at this slot. There is no popular scatter here, but instead, the Wild symbol has a slightly extended effect.

The minimum plant that can be bet on the Starburst machine is 0.1, while the maximum is up to $ 100. Such a large discrepancy means that the game matches every type of player. Someone who likes the risk, as well as the one who prefers calmer gameplay will play here. The prizes are supervised by 96% RTP coefficient, which can fluctuate up to 97%.

There are no bonus rounds in the game. Starburst is a simple game with a draw of symbols, where free spins It is obtained in the form of re-spin. There is also no jackpot and multiplayer. However, the game has been very well adapted to mobile gameplay and all functions such as automatic gameplay are available in it.

Gameplay on the Starburst machine

What is primarily known for the Netent company is an excellent graphic design. Starburst online, despite the fact that it was released many years ago, still pleases the player's eye. The stones look great, the animations are liquid and the background is slightly animated, but very pleasant. In the bottom of the machine there are buttons that control the gameplay. Inside is the largest, starting turnover, and next to it auxiliary and those that set the height of the plant.

After clicking the "i" icon, an information card opens, which every player should read before starting the game (especially in the case of - Starburst for real money). At this point, the publisher publishes a detailed description of the machine operation, its special functions as well as symbols and winnings.

The screen may appear up to 8 different symbols, which at the Department 1 and 5 hits pay the following awards:

  • purple stone – 25,
  • blue stone – 25,
  • orange stone – 40,
  • green stone – 50,
  • yellow stone – 60,
  • Seven – 120,
  • Bar – 250,
  • Christmas (game logo) - Wild function.

Symbols pay prizes for hitting 3 to 5 symbols. Reducing the number of pictures to just 8 means that something interesting is constantly happening on the game screen, because the likelihood of hitting at least 3 the same symbols on the line increases.

Special functions of the Starburst machine

Starburst game does not provide many additional functions. The creators decided to implement only one seemingly simple function, which turned out to be a hit. Wild is responsible for everything here. The symbol with the logo of the game turns with all other pictures and appears only on drums 2, 3, 4. When it appears on the screen, it expands to the whole drum and triggers free re-spin. This situation can be repeated 3 times. Wins on the lines are counted from both the left and the right.

Starburst - summary

If you are interested in gaming machines, they should absolutely familiarize themselves with the offer of this Netent production. In fact, it is difficult to bypass it because it is universal and is very often used in various promotions. Starburst for free available on our website is a great way to familiarize yourself with this outstanding production, which will certainly bring many high wins in the later game for real money.