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Super Joker - free online slot

Searching for the perfect slot can be very difficult. Interesting Online gambling games There are many, but not all of them are worth time and money. So how do you make your search for the right game? The best way is to read reviews - such as this! In this way, you can quickly assess and find out if the described slot is for you. Often in this way you can find productions such as Super Joker Online - i.e. very refined and engaging games. Pragmatic sets the bar with each subsequent production higher and higher, preparing interesting, exciting and providing many hours of gameplay. This time they have prepared a game with a mix of known symbols, which offers some interesting variations to a proven form of fun. You can see for yourself about the quality of this machine by playing a Super Joker for free on our website. To be able to play on a slot in the test version, you don't even need an account - just run the slot and use it without restrictions!

What distinguishes the Super Joker game?

What do we mean when we say that the Super Joker automat is varied to a proven formula? At first glance, the game may seem quite standard fruit slot - It is made of 3 drums and 3 lines, which is not a very special design. Despite this construction, the game offers as many as 5 winning lines, which positively affects our chances of victory. This is also good for the high RTP of the slot - it is 96.52%, which puts the game above the average value. The advantage is also the ability to adjust the value of our plant - the lowest plant can only be 5 loans. Of course slot hot spot The supporters of playing for big money will also appeal - the most expensive bet is 50 loans. What else is worth knowing about this video of the machine? The game is available on portable devices - you can easily play on your phone or tablet. You don't even need to be used to play in this form - you will start production directly via the web browser!

The Super Joker game also has several interesting bonus functions that will allow you to win much higher winnings. We will also find here the Wild symbol. However, we will tell about all additional options a little further. The appearance of the machine itself also deserves praise. The game is colorful and well animated. During turnover and gameplay, we are accompanied by music, which perfectly imitates the sounds from the retro stationary vending machines. We recommend not playing with the sound off to completely immerse yourself in the climate of this slot!

Basic rules of playing in the Super Joker

To have fun on any slot, it is worth knowing its exact rules. That is why, before you start playing the Super Joker, the game machine, be sure to read the slot instructions. You will find it under the "I" button. The instructions will explain exactly what winnings are assigned to the symbols, as well as how additional functions work. The whole is available in Australian, so understanding it should not be a problem. Once you finish viewing the rules of the game, you can go to playing on the machine. First of all, we recommend adjusting the value of your plant. The more loans you put, the greater your winnings - however, play carefully and gradually build your resources for further play. The amount of the game can be changed by pressing + and - -. In this way you will open a new window with the amounts of plants - you can adjust how many coins you want to bet on each of the 5 winning lines. The amount of the plant will be a multiplier of these numbers and you will see it in the total plant. After choosing the rate, you can start the slot - you will do it with a round button. Unfortunately, the game does not have an automatic game function, so it will be necessary to manually run the game after each turn. There is also no turbo mode here, which would speed up the rotation of the drums - this takes a while and in our opinion is a bit lengthy. However, this does not affect the comfort of the game in any way!

Bonuses and additional functions of the Super Joker slot

We wrote about them a bit earlier, but it's time to develop this topic - what bonuses can you get by playing on this machine? The first of them is the Wild symbol we have already mentioned, which is presented as a joker. Hitting it replaces any other symbol, thus enabling us to get additional winnings. The game also has a function of responses - but they are slightly more difficult to get than on other slots. If the two drums are filled with the same symbols, the game will rotate the non -matching drum until the winning combination is obtained! An even more interesting case is when the Super Joker Slot is filled with the same symbols - then we go to a special mode in which the wheel with multipliers appears. The first of them contains multipliers from X2 to X5, as well as the promotion field that takes us to the second wheel - there the multipliers reach even X20! The multiplier we draw up then increases our win, which allows you to get really a lot of money. It is also worth mentioning how they pay other symbols - fruit, bells or diamonds. Below we present a table payout for a 10 loan plant.

Symbol CC
wild 150
Diamond 50
Bell 30
Star 20
Lemons 14
Cherries 12
3x BAR 10
2x bar 6
Bar 4

Where to play a super joker?

You are definitely thinking about what you will spend your wins on this slot. But where is it best to play a super joker for real money? Be sure to choose Betsafe kasyno - In addition to this machine, it has a huge offer of other games. It is also fully legal in our country - it has an appropriate license, as well as many different forms of payment. In addition, it is also very well adapted for players from Australia. It is worth remembering that to games for real money You will need an account there. Fortunately, this can be set up in a few minutes, providing the most basic information about yourself.

Super Joker - what do we think about the machine?

Despite several missing functions, the slot is extremely well prepared, and the gameplay on it is a real pleasure. That is why we recommend playing on the Super Joker machine! The ability to get high winnings, as well as great graphic design means that it is difficult to break away from the machine. This even applies to demo mode that you can check on our website. What's more, you will play a super joker with us without registration - so you just have to try your hand at this machine!


Where will I play a super joker for free?

You can play the demo version of this machine on our website, even without creating an account. This will allow you to check the slot without spending a zloty!

What bonuses does a super joker have?

The game has a Wild symbol, it also allows you to get a response and a winner - even to X20!

Will I play for real money in a super joker?

Yes, the machine allows you to play with real rates. However, to do this, you will have to go to a licensed online casino.

Will I play a super joker on a mobile device?

By all means - you can start the machine from the browser on any portal equipment.