Supra Hot

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Supra Hot online to classic fruit from Novomatic, which is quite non -standard. There is rarely an opportunity to play a classic slot in which we have 4 drums. In addition, despite the guiding motif, which are fruits, we will meet in this game with symbols "bar", seven and stars.

So we are dealing with a game that is unique. It is also unique that we have virtually no bonuses in the Supra Hot Automat. So this is a complete return to casino roots.

You are definitely wondering on what website you can try your hand at this peculiar slot. The answer is literally at your hand, because it is on our website that you will have the opportunity to play Supra Hot without registration. You have heard well, you will play with us without registration and unnecessary procedures. In addition, you play Supra Hot for free. You can play for free as long as you want.

It is worth taking advantage of the possibility of free gameplay. Thanks to training in a free form, you can gain a valuable experience, and maybe you can even find that the game is boring. Anyway, you can save a lot of money. Why play supra hot for real money, since you have such a great opportunity to free spot hot games on our website?

The most important features of the Supra Hot game machine

Supra Hot game from Novomatic is a classic fruit, with 4 drums and as many as 25 payments. The minimum plant in this slot is 5 loans, while the maximum is exactly 500 loans. The game is characterized by RTP at 95.2%.

Unfortunately, lovers of bonuses will disappoint well after reading the payout table and information about this game. The Supra Hot lacks the symbol Wild, Scatter, Bonus rounds and free spins. There is not even a jackpot to break up.

Fortunately, Novomatic took care of a few amenities that cover a bit of a lack of bonuses. In Supra Hot we will play easily on mobile devices, and supporters of automatic gameplay can use the "Auto" option. Supporters of multiplayer games and competition must go around with taste, because in Supra Hot there is no way to play several people.

SUPRA HOT GAME Machine - how to play?

We have told ourselves a lot about the most important aspects of this classic slot. It is high time to discuss slightly more mundane elements of this game. Of course, I'm talking about graphics and interface.

The graphics do not surprise in a positive or negative way. You can see immediately that we are dealing with a classic slot. The animations are limited only to the drums moved by the game and highlighting the winning lines. Video amateurs of slots can be disappointed, because this basically ends the number of special effects in Supra Hot. This does not mean, however, that the game is underdeveloped. Simply, Novomatic uses the convention of classic slots and there is certainly no hypertrophy of form over content in the context of graphics.

Time to go to the interface and navigation, i.e. undoubtedly Supra Hot strengths. Novomatic is famous for its simple to master the interface and undoubtedly even the biggest amateur will be able to catch in it in a few minutes.

At the very bottom of the screen are all buttons necessary to control the game. On the right we then see the buttons:

  1. "Start", of course, is responsible for starting the draw.
  2. "Auto" is responsible for the function of automatic gameplay.
  3. "Bet" is used to change the height of our plant. After clicking "Bet" our plant is increased.

On the left above the inscription "Balance" we see our balance. Immediately next to our balance, we can change the "weight" of our plant using the "Fun" button. A mysterious question mark at the very end of the panel leads us to information about the game. The information tab presents us with the payment line, the table payout and the rules of the game. Remember to read all the available information before starting the game.

What does the withdrawal table look like? We have prepared a short summary especially for you. Let's assume that we bet on a minimum plant of 5 loans, how much can we win then?

  • 4 Burning seven = 800 loans
  • 4 blue stars = 300 loans
  • 4 symbols "bar" = 200 loans
  • 4 cherries, oranges, lemons, plums = 20 loans
  • 4 symbols "x" = 10 loans.

Unfortunately, we will not meet any bonuses in the Supra Hot Game Authority. The only bonus form is to win a double win when you fill all drums and rows with equal fruits.