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Today's ranks with reviews with reviews on our website will join the entry about the unusual, but recommended by most gambling slot Sloet Bonanza. Sweet Bonanza is an alternative to classic gameplay in the form of popular drum slots, hence its popularity and many favorable opinions on the Internet.

The originator and software contractor in this game was Pragmatic Play. It is this developer who is increasingly releasing slots with the method of settling on the principles of Cluster Pays. Similarly, in Sweet Bonanza, a mechanic and a system of paying winnings, it has been modified, which means that all entertainment happens on different terms than it is in popular internet games.

Customers of this Hot spot games They can count on many twists and candy graphics inside the game. The name of the machine itself refers to its climate, and in it the symbols of sweets and candies are ubiquitous. The slot has friendly colorful graphics and a lot of special functions that we will explain during today's review. We encourage you to share your reflections on the reviewed game. We invite you to check your skills at the Sweet Bonanza test machine for free. Every reader of our entry has a chance to play the original game of Pragmatic Play without risk for tokens. By the way, do not miss other reviews of interesting games and check the entries about the best casino bonuses without deposit. You can check more information on our home page.

Information about Sweet Bonanza

According to the official version of the game, Sweet Bonanza Online is a modern video machine with a high return rate with a RTP value of 96.6%. Such a high result indicates a high frequency of winnings and the option of quick return on the game. Action in this machine for free It happens on an extensive 6 × 5 view. On six and 5 columns, the symbols freely fall on each subsequent turn, and their combinations are read by the system on the principles of winning in the Cluster Pays engine.

Each neighboring icons in specific quantities is a guaranteed reward that immediately affects the player's account, and in place of a happy combination I appear new elements that still give a chance to win in the same Ruda. Subsequent turns in the game are a growing chance of winning. On the occasion of the game, the slot offers activation of interesting add -ons, such as risk games, free turnover and ante.

The maximum rates for one turn are 100 tokens in ordinary mode or 125 on a plant with a double chance of winning. The minimum available rate for one game is only 0.2 toke. Regardless of the rate, the variability of the game does not deteriorate. The player still has a chance for the same winnings, of course, properly matched due to the payment table. In the Sweet Bonanza machine, the option of a multiplayer game is not available. Instead, every player can use autograd and full screen without restrictions. Finally, it is worth adding that Pragmatic Play has prepared a special version of the game for smartphones, without being forced to download any add -ons and installations. The slot works in the same browser window and intelligently goes into mobile mode.

Sweet Bonanza in the game

For many players, the most important thing in slots is their playability. In addition to extensive regulations and many interesting bonuses in theory, Sweet Bonanza Automat has a perfectly prepared mechanics and provides players with a lot of positive emotions. Sweet Bonanza is an unconventional and rare game, which ultimately attracts many new curious fans to it. At first glance, the machine is very difficult, but after a while, according to many players, a perfect stepping stone from single -armed bandits. Sweet Bonanza has an extensive table of payments and many special symbols. The game has a candy, and at the same time fairy -tale atmosphere and a few fruity accessories.

The aspect of playing the game should not cause any problems. Sweet Bonanza The game machine works on the principles of other gambling and provides the player with several necessary buttons. The view of the main window is a fairy -tale background and a wide field of draw. Just underneath there is a menu with the option of setting up the plant and starting the turn. On the side there are buttons for manipulation of audio settings, menu and game regulations.

Additional prizes at Sweet Bonanza

The unusuality of today's Slot with fruit From the review, it is not based only on the winning system. Many interesting additions have numerous bonuses to offer, whose names can be as complicated as the first glance at the drawing board in the main screen. We assure you that after getting acquainted with the concepts of Sweet Bonanza, the game on this slot will become very easy. Below is a list of all additional options in the Sweet Bonanza game:

  • Risk - each turn can have an individual level of risk from 1 to 5. The risk game function is responsible for this setting.
  • Ante plant - this option is available to any twist and can be deactivated at any time. The game with this option guarantees a greater likelihood for winning and a higher spin rate. Statistically, the game is 25% more generous and more often throws out the Scatter icon.
  • Free Spins - the mentioned Scatter is a symbol of a lollipop. Sleeping from 4 lollipops upwards anywhere on the screen launches a mode of 10 free revolutions. Free bonus rounds in the game can be charged with another 5 fs for each subsequent lollipop.
  • Falling function - each hit combination of Cluster disappears after paying the win, and in its place subsequent symbols fall and the screen analysis process is repeated in terms of winning. This mode is the Free Respin function.

Apart from free spins, Lollipop (Scatter) pays an additional prize. Its amount on the game screen heralds the payment in accordance with the list below. 4 lollipops icons are up to 60 win tokens, 5 icons are already 100 tokens, while a set of 6 lollipops is 1,000 tokens. Similar prizes are waiting for players in the case of drawing sets of fruit and candy icons. Each symbol has a different multiplier and reacts differently in the case of a specific rate. Below we add an extensive table with prizes for ¼ rate in the game.

Icons 8 – 9 ikon 10 – 11 ikon 12+
Red hearts 200 500 1,000
Purple squares 50 200 500
Green hexagons 40 100 300
Blue ovals 30 40 240
Apples 20 30 200
Plums 16 24 160
Watermelon 2 40 100
Grape 8 18 80
Bananas 5 15 40

Sweet Bonanza - report from the game

The game in Sweet Bonanza went smoothly and in a nice atmosphere. Colorful icons and positive cars Slota is encouraging. The game looks great, and the awaited bonuses can completely change the course of the whole game. The Sweet Bonanza machine without registration turned out to be a hit for contemporary online players. We are waiting for more machines in the climate of Cluster Pays, and in the meantime we invite you to free gameplay on the slot to prepare for a fight in Sweet Bonanza for real money. To work!