Ultra Hot Deluxe

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Ultra Hot Deluxe Automat is best described as Classic fruit machine, but in orange instead of blue. The reels are decorated with various fruits along with ordinary suspects, such as:

  • Lucky Sevens
  • Symbole Bar
  • Normal Black Letters X.

Games in the style of fruit vending machines, such as this, live or die on simplicity, and the Ultra Hot Deluxe game has a satisfactorily clean interface. There is no single image on the screen that does not perform the task.

Ultra Hot Deluxe machine - game description

Ultra Hot Deluxe online is one of the more popular hot spot vending machines Novomatic. There are no free spins or bonus games, only 5 withdrawal lines and a combination of individual and composed symbols. Premium symbols are single symbols, while symbols at a lower price are arranged in a pile. The full screen of low -paid fruit symbols will multiply the win by X2, just like it works on Novtra Xtra Hot vendors.

The maximum rotation win is really very low in this game and is only 150x rates. This is the lowest maximum win I can see in every Novomatic game. We would say that this is a machine for a real player and that it goes well with high players because he has a low maximum win. RTP is set to 95.17%.

The range of plants in Ultra Hot Deluxe for free ranges from the minimum spin plant of 0.05 USD / GBP / EUR to a maximum of 250 USD / GBP / EUR on Spin. This is an excellent range that will satisfy even the lowest rollers.

However, as we have already mentioned, the return for the player in this game is 95.17%, and it is much too little so that we can recommend this machine. We use the meter on average approximately 96% to return to the player's data.

Unfortunately - like the minimal bet and return to the player - the variability of this game is also low, which excludes the frequent use of our preferred strategies for the game machines.

How to play Ultra Hot Deluxe?

Ultra Hot Deluxe for real money is a fairly simple machine in online casino. The game has changed to 3 and 5 withdrawals and has been repaired (no choice of way of playing on the payment line). Choose only the stake, and for us there is an automatic rotation that annoys that every time you click the start. The symbols are classic:

  • A few fruits
  • seven
  • stars.

Seven is the most valuable. There are no dispersion symbols here. Jackpot tries 3000 € and receives a combination of seven. Here there are no more details about machines with 5 drums, they are all quite bright and the prizes are huge.

In addition to those known for all bonus rounds, Novomatic after each strengthening, where you choose a color map and depending on whether you hit double or lose, there is one more thing that can be called a bonus. It brought us the most joy and the biggest reason why we write about this quite simple machine.

Ultra Hot Deluxe Game machine 777 There are no wild symbols, bonus games or free turns. This is an ordinary game machine in which drums decide about all winnings. A small multiplier function is available, if you manage to fill the entire screen with one of the fruit symbols, the original win will be multiplied by the X2 win multiplier. In addition, there is not much to say about the Ultra Hot Deluxe without registration, but we can mention that it has a normal Novomatic gambling game at the end of every victorious turnover. If you want, you can risk your win in a red / black card game, in which you have a chance of 50/50 to double or lose your current wins from the previous spin.

Considering that this type of machine is so common, we recommend hunting for something similar, but with nice visual effects, higher RTP and slightly higher levels of variability.