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Online gambling games They use various topics and functions, so they can like the widest possible group of recipients. You can easily find slots on Asian, mythological or fantastic. Western slots can be found much less often - but this is effectively fighting Wild Jack Game. The production just set in the cowboy climate will easily provide many hours of fun, and offering many interesting functions. The BF Games production slot does not stand out with graphics or construction, but it does not bother in any way during the game - the slot makes up for its other aspects. Test it today on our website, completely free! At Wild Jack, you can play without restrictions without registration - all you have to do is run the game on our website. This will not only allow you to get to know the game, but also prepare well before playing for real money at the online casino!

What is the Wild Jack Slot?

Playing on it Hot spot machine First of all, we will be surprised by the selection of symbols - despite the fact that it is a typical western machine, we will also meet with fruit symbols. All are spread on 3 drums and the same number of lines. Interestingly, despite this construction, the machine has quite a lot of winning combinations - there are as many as 27. This is a big for every player, because the more combinations, the better the chance to win. Wild Jack Online also has not the worst RTP, of 96.12%. This is a result slightly above the average for video slots, so the player can be sure of gaining regular and frequent winnings. This allows you to quickly get money even while playing for lower rates.

Well, what are the plants on this machine? The cheapest gameplay can cost us 0.10 loans. On the other hand, for those who prefer fun for the highest amounts, the plant can cost as many as 200 loans! There is also a wide selection of other rates between the two amounts, so you can easily adapt the price of the game to your needs. The machine also allows you to get a large number of bonuses - we will meet here with the symbol Wild, Scatter, and in addition we will be able to get free spins - Something that all players love! Added to all this is the fact that Wild Jack The Game Automat works easily on the phones. To play a mobile version, you don't even have to download a separate application - you will start the game from the browser that supports HTML5 technology. The last function that the game has is the autograph mode - it contains several basic options, but it is not too extensive. However, it allows you to skip the button responsible for starting the game after each turn.

How to play Wild Jack?

We also have a few tips on playing on this machine - we are sure that they will be useful to everyone, regardless of gambling. The first thing you should do after starting Wild Jack Slot is to read its instructions - it is placed under the "i" button, which is visible on the left side of the display. You will go to the next pages of the rules by pressing the button. In them you will learn how bonuses, additional modes or what winnings are assigned to symbols. After reading, it is worth adjusting the amount of the game - the start machine selects us the bet for 2 loans, but the rate can be changed quickly by pressing the BET button, or choosing the amount from the panel on the right. You will see the final cost of the game in the BET section. To start the game, press the button in the middle of the display - the one with the manufacturer's logo. You can stop the drums by pressing the same button again.

All bonuses can be obtained in Wild Jack

There are quite a lot of bonuses and additional functions, so without extending we will go to describing them. The first special symbol is one-armed bandit, which in the game acts as a symbol of Wild - it can replace any other symbol, which at the same time means the possibility of gaining additional winnings. Another special symbol of Wild Jack Automat is the carriage, or Scatter. Acquiring 3 copies rewards with 15 free spins - but it is worth knowing that the Wild symbol cannot replace this symbol. The special function is also the ability to stack symbols with fruit - filling the whole machine with the same fruit will reward us with a win of our plant x3. The last of the slot bonuses is the risk mode, i.e. gamble. After each win we can put her in this special mode and double her ... or lose her whole! The game consists in choosing what color of the card will be drawn by the computer - if you choose well, you will receive an increased amount of money. Of course, betting on your winnings is possible only after getting them earlier - and how do they present? Here they, assuming you play for 5 loans.

Symbol CC
Attempted 250
Star 100
Turret 50
Bell, horseshoe 25
Fruit 2,50

Where is the best to play in Wild Jack?

Would you like to play Wild Jack for real money? We are not surprised at all! However, to be able to do this, you will need to go to a legal online casino - for example Nitro Casino. It has licenses and also enables players from Australia. What's more, it is well prepared for players from our country. In addition, they offer a huge selection of games, so you will always have something to play. The casino also allows various methods to pay and pay money. The most important thing, however, is that you have a casino account if you plan to play there - without it you will not be able to fight for real resources!

Wild Jack - in a word at the end

We have nothing but encourage you to play on this machine. Looking at how many additional functions he offers, and how high wins can be won, we are sure that the machine will appeal to everyone. However, if you are not entirely convinced, play Wild Jack for free on our website - this version will certainly encourage you to Money games!


Where will I play in Wild Jack for free?

To test this slot completely free, select the test version on our website. You will play it even without creating an account!

What bonuses can you get in Wild Jack Automat?

The game has quite a lot of bonuses - you can get here the Wild symbol, as well as free spins, by hitting the scatter symbols. To this, you need to add additional winnings for filling the drums with the same symbol and gamble mode.

How to get real money while playing in Wild Jack Slot?

You can play for real rates at the online casino. Remember, however, to always play in legal and certified places in our country!

Can you play a game on your phone at Wild Jack?

By all means - the slot is well adapted to various mobile devices, thanks to which you can easily play on your phone or tablet.