Jackpot games

Jackpots accompany the game machines practically from the very beginning of their existence. Many players decide to play slots of this kind due to the perspective of quick winning a high prize. However, not everyone is aware of how playing jackpot slots looks in practice.

Today, you can find a lot of vending machines equipped with this function at online casinos. Jackpot is an additional, special amount that anyone who is happiness can be played by playing and meets specific requirements. Jackpot games can be found on all platforms enabling playing slots. That is why it is such a popular type of vending machines that millions of people from around the world are happy to play every day.

Usually Free Hot Spot gambling games They always have a certain, maximum win amount, which cannot be exceeded in any way. Jackpot games are enriched with a special function, thanks to which the prize can grow almost indefinitely. In this article we will describe what are the most popular jackpots and how you can increase the chances of getting them.

Free jackpot games

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Types of jackpots at Casino Online

In general, jackpot of the game is a fairly wide topic. Jackpots can be classified in many ways, adopting various criteria. The most common division that can be used when describing Jackpot casino games is associated with the way the additional pool is granted. Here are the three most common types of jackpots:

  • Jackpots for a combination - the most common type of jackpot. The additional amount is granted only when the player manages to meet certain requirements. For example, in the Garden of Richens Jackpot machine, it is paid when the game screen is fully covered with the symbol Scatter. Most slots are based on such or similar mechanics.
  • Accidental jackpots. The opposite of jackpots distributed after creating a specific combination are random jackpots. To get them, you do not need to create any special symbol configurations. Jackpot can be added to the account of any playing, at a completely accidental moment. Usually, however, the mechanism is constructed so that the likelihood of obtaining jackpot increases with the height of the set of the plant.
  • Jackpots for a bonus. This type of online jackpot games are characterized by the fact that obtaining a bonus amount can, for example, result from trading in a special wheel. This is usually initiated after the appearance of special symbols on the game board.

As we have already mentioned, during the Jackpot classification you can be guided by various determinants. There are also two special types of jackpots, resulting from a slightly different division. We will describe their way of their actions below.

Progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot is a specific variety of jackpots. The amount you can win through it is accumulated with each turn. This means that its height is increased by the turns made by all game participants. The jackpot gambling in the progressive version therefore do not have one constant amount and sometimes they can increase even to multi -million amounts. That is why players consider them particularly attractive and desirable.

Examples of games equipped with a progressive jackpot can be Bonanza Megapays, Mega Moolah in several different varieties, African Nights, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, and Joker Millions. Some of these slots have already paid jackpots for record amounts, totaling several billion euros. These numbers are a factor because of which so many players probably decide to play. Jackpot online games in the progressive version, in turn, are divided into two main groups:

  • Local - Jackpot is collected within one casino in one specific game
  • Global - Jackpot is part of a larger network belonging to one manufacturer. You can fight for it in various vending machines, in more than one casino

Jackpot permanent

The permanent jackpot is the exact opposite of the progressive jackpot. While progressive jackpots grow by nature and practically never reach identical sizes, they are constantly characterized by one, defined and unchanged value, which can never decrease or increase.

Sustainable jackpot usually works like various types of bonuses that you can get as possible. The vision of obtaining a permanent jackpot can also be extremely appealing to the player, and its height is revealed before the start of the game.

A constant height of jackpot is most often the form of a bonus that you can only get when you can find a specific symbol system. The appearance of the combination you need can always be checked in the table, because in many vending machines, especially those more classic, its role is played by the most ordinary symbols forming into the standard, winning line. Jackpot with a constant value very often appears in older game machines or in new slots in a classic style, for example Jackpot 6000 or Magic Target.

Free jackpot gambling games

Unfortunately, playing in online casinos you have to reckon with the fact that gra 777 It will become available only after you register on the selected page and make a deposit. Creating an account is therefore mandatory if you want to start playing for real money. It turns out that only a few casinos provide players with bonuses to play without the need to pay a deposit.

On our website you can play Jackpot games for free. You also don't have to log in or set up an account. This is an ideal alternative if you would like to get acquainted with the rules of one of the slots or you do not have a proven game strategy yet or you just don't know how to start. Numerous jackpot games for free are available on our website, which you can play at any time using virtual resources.

Don't worry - everything is extremely simple. To start playing, you don't have to have an account on our website. You will only play here in jackpot free games. All you have to do is choose one of them and devote yourself to the game for hours.

Popular game jackpot

On the gambling market you can find hundreds of different types of games offering a special win in the form of jackpot. Each of them is more or less popular, but as for every game mega jackpot, keep the same principle - always read the rules of a given machine and casino regulations. Sometimes manufacturers creating jackpot online games set unreal requirements for playing, without which the prize is paid, it remains blocked.

The process of acquiring jackpot looks seemingly simple, pleasant and fast. Usually you need to arrange identical symbols in a line specified by the manufacturer or just wait until the jackpot function is activated by itself. In fact, it is much more complicated, so when you start the fun, you should be patient. Here are the best known, loved slots with jackpot function:

Automatic Jackpot RTP Description
Jackpot Bells, Playtech Progressive 96,03% A classic, five -tube fruit slot with five specific payments, equipped with a gamble function
Jackpot 6000, NetEnt Permanent, 6,000 coins 98,90% A classic, three -one fruit slot with five withdrawn lines
Mega Jackpot, Betsoft Progressive 92,50% A classic, three -one fruit slot with five -set payments and average variability lines

If you are interested in free bandit single -handed games jackpot 6000, in their demo you can play for free on our website. You can also find a review of each of them here.

Mega Moolah slot

The most famous slot with the function of progressive jackpot is of course Mega Moolah by Microgaming. gambling It was established in 2009, which is why in graphics and technical terms it may seem a bit outdated, especially looking at the online games produced later.

For over 10 years of existence, Mega Molah has gained really many devoted fans who are still happy to come back to her. Mega Moolah has repeatedly appeared on the list of the highest paid vending machines, due to its progressive jackpot in several different forms and heights. The highest win paid by Mega Moolah was exactly 18,910,668 euros. In addition to the classic variant of the slot, there are other online Jackpot games that are derived from the classic Mega Moolah game. Here are some of them:

  • Mega Moolah Juicy Joker-a fruity variety of the game distinguished by a special function of re-spines
  • Mega Moolah Atlantean Treasures - a five -bubble game with medium variability and 10 payments
  • Mega Molah Absolutely Mad - 5 × 3 construction slot with 243 payments
  • Mega Moolah Goddess - a five -dentive machine with 25 payments

Mega fortune machine for game

Mega Fortune is in second place when it comes to record games of Jackpot machine. Wins in the Mega Fortune machine from Netent are an average of almost 4 million euros, while the highest paid so far has reached almost 18 million euros. Jackpot, since the premiere of the slot in 2008, has been awarded 58 times.

The theme of the Mega Fortune machine is the broadly understood wealth, which perfectly refers to the game that allows you to get the legendary, of several million euros Jackpot. The game symbols are presented by various, expensive items, such as luxury cars, yachts, limousines, jewelry and gold watches.

The Mega Fortune machine has been equipped with several bonus features, including functions free spins or a special multiplier. The most important additional function of the slot is, however, found in four versions of Jackpot of various sizes.

At the moment there are two jackpot games like Mega Fortune. The second is Mega Fortune Dreams, which we can consider to be a refreshed, modernized version of the standard Mega Fortune slot. Information about it can be read on our website.

Jackpot game rules

When playing progressive games, you should remember that there is always a risk that jackpot can be scored by someone else. Then the sum will reset and start gathering from the very beginning.

If you play too low rates, the chance to get jackpot will be small and will increase only when you decide to play for higher factories. Therefore, each time it is worth checking what a given jackpot game rules have. In this way you will certainly be able to avoid any surprises.

The casino process itself is rather simple. You just have to choose one of many online casinos And create an account. Daily activity is important during the Jackpot gambling game. Getting a jackpot during a one -off game borders on a miracle, but playing regularly the chances will increase significantly.

Which casinos offer Jackpot casino games?

Finding machines with jackpot function should not be a problem. Games of this kind are really easily accessible. There is a great variety on the casinage games market, also when it comes to jackpot casino games. Once, you could only play a few games with jackpot on the web, but today more and more producers are deciding to create more, much more interesting in terms of themes, stories and mechanics, but also more aesthetic and attractive from visual terms.

Currently, you can find Jackpot Casino games everywhere. Before setting up your account, it is worth checking the casino data in terms of security. In this way you will be sure that the possible, achieved jackpot will actually go into your hands. We have placed a list of all trusted internet casinos along with honest, exhausting reviews on our website. Here are some of the platforms we recommend:

Casino Welcome promotion Casino description
Volcano bet AUD 4,000 + 100 spins

in the first three deposits

A trustworthy platform with a game library of over 2,000 items, operating on the basis of an official license.
GGBet AUD 4,000 in the first three deposits GGBET is a platform that has been operating since 2016 offering entertainment in the form of casino games and factories and several interesting bonuses.
Slotty Vegas AUD 1,400 + 135 spins

in the first four deposits

A friendly platform with interesting bonuses and an extremely wide selection of games.

Functions and bonuses available at jackpot games

Usually offered by Jackpot machines are only an addition, a bonus for a standard game. On the web you can find various jackpot gambling games, from the simplest ones, to those very developed and developed. The latter, in addition to winning a permanent or progressive jackpot, also offer other bonuses with varying degrees of advancement. Some of them turn out to be incredibly exciting and can provide entertainment at a really high level.

Bonuses offered by Games Jackpot ONLINE SLEEKS can have various forms. The most common bonus are free spins, which you can try to get more combinations of identical symbols. In addition, the player can meet with a bonus in the form of an immediate prize, multiplier, re-spines, avalanche function or a special gamble function.

Special bonuses are also offered by individual casinos. Currently, you can't find a casino that would not have any promotion in its offer. It remains to pick up your perfect bonus and fight for jackpot.

How to get jackpot?

The chance of hitting the jackpot depends not only on the slot and playing skills, but also on the casino. Choosing the right casino is an extremely important element of the game, which you should always devote at least a short moment. After registering the account, you can pay a deposit and activate the welcome bonus. You can also use the bonuses offered by some pages without deposit Jackpot machines.

To be able to get during single bandit games Jackpot, just hit the happy special system of the most valuable symbols. The process itself is not complicated, but it can be monotonous and dragging.

Jackpot online games in the mobile version

In recent years, there are more and more players who prefer placing plants through mobile devices. The game on phones or tablets has recently become very popular because of the convenience it carries. All you need is a phone with Android or iOS and an internet connection. After meeting these small requirements, you can play without any obstacles in all games of a single bandit Jackpot.

All modern game machines have their version adapted to the needs of most new portable devices. These versions are characterized by simplified graphics and fewer animations that could burden our mobile devices. Some casinos have special applications that can be downloaded directly to the phone. Thanks to them, you can find your favorite Jackpot Slots games much faster and play them almost everywhere, not only in the comfort of your own home.

The circumstances of the creation of games with jackpot

The idea of games with jackpot was born at the beginning of the first casinos, at the end of the 19th century. Naturally, at the beginning they were only stationary premises, to which only a few players had admission. In addition to table games, casino customers could play the first, mechanical game machines, which were quite simple at the time. Jackpot's first random games had a characteristic lever, from which later one -armed bandit machines took the name. Jackpots produced later paid prizes automatically, and their symbols were usually fruit, seven or bells.

Over the years, the machines were improved. Today you can play electronic, advanced machines found in physical casinos, but also in video slots of numerous online casinos. Jackpot of the game even many years ago had many fans playing with hope for quick enrichment with an additional, usually considerable amount of money.

Jackpot casino games - summary

Jackpot's random games have many advantages that distinguish them from the background of ordinary vending machines. Ordinary slots usually do not give the opportunity to win such great amounts that jackpot games allow. Although machines equipped with this function are a minority compared to all slots, there are still many of them. Thanks to this, everyone will sooner or later find a game that will suit him in every respect. It is worth trying games such as Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune or Hall of Gods, because in them the gathered jackpot has repeatedly reached a dozen or so million.

Getting a jackpot is only possible in the case of playing for real money. By playing free jackpot games, unfortunately, it cannot be obtained, although thanks to them you can learn all the rules and mechanics at any time, before starting the right part of the game. We wish you good luck in the fight for the highest possible jackpots.


What is a progressive and permanent jackpot?

Jackpot of a constant size each time has one, unchanging value that cannot be increased in any way. Progressive jackpot is a sum that is constantly accumulating during the game, by turning off by all participants of Jackpots of the same network.

How can you play jackpot games for free?

Players who do not want to participate in the game for real money can decide to play the free version of the demo, virtual loans. The demo of most slots can be found on our website.

What to do to win Jackpot online games?

The key to winning is regular gameplay. By playing every day, you can increase the likelihood of hitting a bonus sum accumulating for several months.

Can you play Jackpot gambling in Australia legally?

Almost all games in online casinos are legal in Australia.